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My Journey Of Becoming A Technical Writer

Sophia Iroegbu
·Sep 26, 2021·

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My Journey Of Becoming A Technical Writer

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"A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people."

~ Thomas Mann

How I Started

I started writing in December 2019. I started with my phone. I was writing poetry and I had an account on tush stories.

Then during the pandemic, I started coding. It was python and I started coding with my phone.

Yes! I wrote a full code on my phone. I know, shocking right?

My biggest achievement back then was writing a text-based game using the python programming language. It was a final assignment on a free 7-day python beginner class and I aced it.

Back then, I would create a bar ticket or movie ticket to suggest a movie for a certain age range. After each program, I would show my siblings. To them, I was a hacker lol.

The first week of every internship that I attended mandated that every participant write an article. Back then, It was hard. I had the potential but I didn't see myself as a technical writer. One of my friends said I had earned the sobriquet, Tech Babe.

My friends pushed me but I could only write stories and poems. Until I started Hashnode Bootcamp. The first article I wrote brought a rush. A beautiful rush of adrenaline rushed through my veins and I couldn't stop writing. When I didn't write, I think of what to write. I have lots of drafts and ideas that are waiting to be penned down. I love it.

What Motivates Me?

I am motivated by the fact that one day, I will be an editor for RealPython. Someday, I will blog about my experience or what I worked on at Spotify. Someday, I will blog about the famous Chaos Monkey that I encountered while handling the server on Netflix.

I hope to be better one day. I am not good at talking, I hate talking but writing helps me express what I can't say. It helps me speak so one day, I will teach Pythonistas what I have known and how I solved the bugs I came across.

Also, the response I get goes a long way. It pushes me to write more and better.

This is what motivates me to write.

My Goals As A Writer

  • Inform a thousand Pythonistas and teach them.

  • Increase my word count with every article I write.

  • Persuade my readers to build more projects.

  • A thousand blog views.

These are my goals as a technical writer for now.

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