Choosing A Tech Career in 2022

Choosing A Tech Career in 2022

Choosing a tech career is hard because there are lots of tech skills to choose from and most times, you don't have to be a programmer to be a techie. This article acts as a guide for people struggling with the transition to tech. It would explain in-depth careers in tech and how to know the path that suits you or your personality. This is based on my view, though.

Some Tech Careers To Consider

1. UI/UX

If you love aesthetic elements as in stylist-ish things, UI/UX is the career for you.

What is UI/UX?

UI: User Interface is a series of screens, pages, and visual icons (buttons, icons, etc). It helps non-techies or end-users interact with a product or a service online.

UX: User Experience helps a product or service improve its customer's service and they also grow followers for the brand.

Basically, your job as a UI/UX developer is to design and build a user's experience for a brand/company.

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If you love creating websites, you should consider front-end development.

A front-end developer ensures a visitor can easily interact with the page. They do so through the use of design, technology, and programming to build websites. They are also known as client-side developers because they directly create architects on websites and applications for users/ clients.

The main web technologies used by front-end developers are:

  • HTML (HyperText Markup Language),

  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) and

  • JavaScript.

Sometimes, they work hand-in-hand with UI/UX developers.

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If you love things that depend on you, you should be a back-end developer.

A back-end developer builds and maintains technologies or software needed to power the components of client-side development. They are called server-side developers.

Their work includes:

  • Databases,

  • Data and Application Integration,

  • API,

  • Core application logic, etc.

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If you love calculating, mathematics, or statistics, consider a data analyst career.

A data analyst collects, cleans, and interprets data sets for surveys and queries the database when necessary. They work in companies, industries, practically everywhere.

Data analysis is gathering insights from data to aid business decisions.

Key skills to learn in data analysis:

  • MySQL,

  • Python,

  • Mathematics and

  • Statistics.

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If you are great at organizing products and a team, this is for you.

A product manager manages and coordinates product development projects.

Their responsibilities include:

  • Understanding user needs,

  • Defining a vision for the products,

  • Developing competitive analyses,

  • Prioritizing product features and lots more.

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If you are passionate about security, consider a career in cybersecurity.

A cybersecurity specialist is all about protecting digital information for individuals, companies, firms, and the government. It can be from encryption to creating malware or viruses to hacking.

Their task includes:

  • Testing, analyzing, and implementation of security systems developments,

  • Managing system vulnerability,

  • Responding to security threats and attacks,

  • Developing threat prevention strategies and

  • They report directly to the administrators and executives.

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If you love designing flyers, logos, etc. Consider a career in graphics design. Although, most people will argue that graphics design is not tech-related.

Graphics designing as a tech career involves:

  • Creating layouts,

  • Digital editing,

  • Typesetting, and

  • Presenting design products.

A graphic designer is in charge of digitally beautifying a company brand, assembling images that tell consumers about the brand, and creating motion graphics for a brand.

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If you love creating structures, consider being a program manager.

A program manager oversees the fulfillment of company goals. They manage the major programs, coordinate activities between multiple projects without actually managing them. Also, they give maximum attention to implementing programs, program strategy, and delegating projects.

They are involved in:

  • Sales Process,

  • Employee training,

  • Marketing plan,

  • Facility opening, and

  • Product Launch.

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If you are good with people, you could be an HR specialist. HR stands for Human Resources.

An HR specialist screens, recruits, interviews, and places new employees.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Handling employee relations,

  • Handles payrolls,

  • Handles benefits and training for workers of the firm,

  • Consult executives on strategic planning.

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If you are passionate about making things better or bigger, a career as a growth manager might be for you!

A growth manager handles the execution of growth strategy for a business's credit product to direct consumers. Also, they coordinate initiatives with key financial partners.

They handle the financial growth of the company from sales & marketing to networking and business stakeholder management to people management.

They work with almost every department and sets goals for workers of every department.

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If you are great at making friends and you are 100% business-oriented, this career is for you!

A business developer or business development analyst is in charge of helping organizations gain better brand recognition and financial growth.

Other job responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating events with company executives,

  • Reviewing current market trades,

  • Proposing new business ideas to improve revenue

At a large tech company, a business developer work with the non-tech team and CEO or board to help grow the business.

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If you are good with people and can drive conversations in a group, this is for you.

Every tech community needs a community manager and if you are great at chatting or talking with people, this is definitely for you!

A community manager handles comminution and serves as the face of the company.

They are involved in:

  • Communications,

  • PR (Public Relations),

  • Social media management,

  • Events,

  • Content creation.

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If you love marketing, DevRel is a career path for you.

Developer Relations has job responsibilities similar to Community Manager, Tech Author, Developer Evangelist, Developer Advocate, and sometimes even Growth Hackers and Marketers. They aim their prime responsibility for building a positive relationship with Developers.

They work between product, engineering, and marketing teams.

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If you love writing, this is the best for you.

A technical writer is tasked with the responsibility of generating innovative ideas for content while working as part of a team. They do this working both independently and collaboratively. They make research on products, services, technologies, and concepts and document them easily that the audience will get it.

Their job responsibilities include:

  • Generating ideas for content and workflow solutions,

  • Metting experts to ensure they appropriately addressed specialized topics,

  • Analyzing information required for development and updating of policy, form documentation, and procedure.

  • Reviewing and editing content developed by other members of the team.

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If you love writing and testing code, this is for you.

Quality Assurance (QA) testers handle the critical role in delivering high-quality, functioning software and web applications to consumers. They test and evaluate new and existing programs and help identify and remove bugs, glitches, and other user experience issues.

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If you love CGIs, this is for you.

A motion designer creates artworks for the web, television, and films, which include movie clips, trailers, commercials, etc. They use special effects called visual effects, animation, and other cinematic techniques to bring life to their created works.

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If you love selling products online, this is for you!

A digital marketer helps maintain a brand by working on marketing campaigns.

Their duties include:

  • Creating content to help market Campaigns,

  • Doing market research,

  • Strategizing with the marketing team, etc.

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If you love creating apps, this is for you.

A mobile developer converts code into user-friendly applications. They work with other developers to develop functional mobile applications in a fast-paced environment.

They contribute:

  • Design of application,

  • Testing of application,

  • Releasing of application and

  • Support of application.

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If you love working solely with the cloud, this is for you.

A DevOps engineer works directly with developers and IT staffs to supervise the release of code and they also brainstorm ideas for engineering and coding.

Their responsibilities include:

  • Implementing automation tools and frameworks for automatic code deployment,

  • Quality control and management of the code base,

  • Designing procedures for system troubleshooting and maintenance and

  • Writing scripts for service quality analysis, monitoring, and operation

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If you love games, this is a tech path for you.

They translate design ideas into a functional game code. They create web games, mobile games, iOS games.

Their responsibilities include:

  • Coding the base engine of the game,

  • Generate game scripts and storyboards,

  • “Polish” the game, maintain code, fix bugs, and iron out occurring problems

  • Contributing to audio and animation design, and

  • Creating game specifications and designing expansion packs.

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You definitely don't need to code to be a developer or a techie. Sometimes, coding doesn't just sit right with you and that's fine.

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